ABC Options LLC is an independent company offering eco friendly options in decorative hardware and architectural design elements.  We love working with our partners and being involved through every step of the manufacturing process, ensuring that the product you get is the product we designed.


The Amazing Power Circle exemplifies our perspective: 

     “Elevating functional items to a design element; offering options that are sophisticated, eco friendly and simple.”


The APC is Eco-friendly.  Made from Bioplastic (50% plants/50% recycled material), the APC is a new application for this material. 

This technologically advanced Bioplastic formula delivers a high-end, high gloss finish with impact resistance that won’t degrade over time.

It’s paintable – match any decor.  Bioplastic is porous on a microscopic level so the APC grabs the paint – it won’t peel off!

APCPaintBeauty3The APC is paintable:  Rubbed Platinum Finish

The APC is sourced and manufactured in the USA.  ABC Options LLC is based in Los Angeles.  The bioplastic material is sourced and manufactured in the United States.  We work with a Southern Californian manufacturer who specializes in eco friendly processes for the injection molding.

The round shape soothes nerves. The study of the effects of the circular shape has been shown to create a sense of calm and centeredness – it’s true!

The APC is for everyone.  Our dream is to create products that are beneficial on a purely aesthetic level and potentially life changing on a subtle level – that’s practical magic!




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